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Spring 2018 phy2400

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Wright State University Links[edit]

Campus Wikiversity Page

Physics 2400 Wikiversity Page

Lab Pdfs[edit]

New Motion Lab

Fixed Lab Report[edit]

The learning objective of the lab was to observe the resulting displacement of a basketball when a constant acceleration is applied as several spit wads are thrown to mark the distance at certain time intervals. The jobs were divided up between several individuals: one job for someone to repeatedly tap the back of the basketball to simulate a constant acceleration, another to call time intervals and a few more to throw spit wads during those time intervals to mark the distance of the ball at those intervals. During the lab we recorded data of the ball’s displacement in feet and the time in seconds. The data was recorded into a table and then it was made into a plot with a best fit line.

Revised Graph[edit]

File:Revised Table.png